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Organizations across Canada turn to Dilys Consulting for specialist recruitment consulting services.

About Dilys Consulting

Dilys Consulting was founded with a clear objective: to help organizations in the Healthcare and Seniors' Living sector attract, recruit, and retain exceptional leaders.

We specialize in recruitment and executive search, placing highly skilled, senior leadership candidates at seniors’ living and healthcare facilities throughout Canada.

Tired of waiting to find the right candidates to interview? Need to recruit urgently, but with careful consideration?


Contact us today so we can learn more about your organization and the role you’re seeking to fill.

We offer an 18-month, free replacement guarantee.

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Executive Search
Hire & Retain the Best in Canada

An organization’s success largely depends on the quality of its leaders. Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful hiring decisions.

With over ten years of Healthcare & Seniors' Living experience, we are experts at identifying leaders that add value to your organization and will suit your needs. We know where and how to reach these "hard-to-find" exceptional candidates that will lead your organization with exceptional skills and values.

Finding the right candidates is only the first step—we also thoroughly vet them to ensure they meet your requirements and match your organization’s mission and values and offer an 18-month, free replacement guarantee.

Tell us about your organization and the role you’re seeking to fill.

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Why Partner with Dilys Consulting for All Your Recruiting Needs?

In a short period, we have built up credibility in recruiting top talent in the Healthcare and Seniors' Living sectors.

We have a proven process that works and delivers great results.

We offer an extended guarantee period.

Let us take the burden off you and help you find the best candidate for the job.

Job Interview
Strategic Recruitment Planning

We have assisted many organizations make strong strategic plans in order to facilitate the best hiring decisions, and as a result, we fully understand the recruitment of talent in the healthcare and seniors' living sector.

Every recruitment project has unique circumstances; in this complimentary consultation, we will go in-depth to understand the role you are recruiting for and your past hiring practices. We will review your current approach and, where needed, will equip you with the strategy and process to ensure you get the best outcome for your recruitment initiative.

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Who We Work With

We help organizations fill the following positions:


  • C-suite executives
  • VP level roles
  • Director level roles
Senior Businesswoman
Senior Businesswoman

Looking to fill a position not listed here? Contact us to discover how we can assist you. Looking to hire specific talent to your organization? We are experts at sourcing talent to fill leadership positions in Healthcare and Seniors' Living in Canada.

Job Search
Your Gateway to New Career Opportunities

If you’re searching for work or want to stay up to date on new listings for leadership positions in the Healthcare and Seniors' Living sectors, we can help!

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Join Our Team
We’re Seeking the Best in the Business

We’re experienced professionals when it comes to finding the very best talent for the industries we work within. Our team members are highly motivated and passionate, overcoming challenges to find the best candidates to meet our client’s needs.

Advanced Customized Recruitment Services

This highly specialized service is suitable for organizations that need help with their frontline recruitment efforts. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

What Our Clients Say

Tobi was a great partner in the recruitment process. Excellent communications, superb analysis of info and sharing in a timely fashion. From keeping the process moving, to supporting the recruitment team, Tobi showed great professionalism and dedication to the needs of both candidates and the organization from start to finish. Will be happy to use Tobi for any future recruitment and engagement needs we have.

Applying for Work from Outside Canada?

If you’re an industry professional applying from outside of Canada, we want to hear from you.

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