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Make Bold Recruitment Moves Without Taking Any Chances

An organization’s success depends largely on its people. Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means making bold recruitment moves through insightful hiring decisions at all levels within an organization. We work with a sense of urgency, diligence and responsiveness, ensuring quick turnaround on screening, and referring candidates to you promptly.

Proven recruitment experts in senior living and continuing care

Supporting all levels of the organization from front-line staff to senior executive.

Knowledge of the industry. 

Excellence in recruitment


Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable organizations specializing in senior living and continuing care attract, recruit, and retain exceptional talent. Our personalized approach finds exceptional talent in alignment with the values of your organization. From front-line staff to senior executive roles, Dilys has built a strong reputation as the recruiter of choice for organizations across Canada.

Our Story

Our story began over 10 years ago with a determined pursuit of finding the right talent to serve complex healthcare organizations and support delivery of their mandate of care and services excellence. Our own front-line experience across a variety of client groups has given us a deeper appreciation for the impact of recruitment. Finding, placing and retaining the best candidates for every role in the organization is what we do. 

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth” Marc Bennioff (American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist).

“The who is more important than the what” (Ray Dalio, American Investor).

Our Values

we are intentional, frank, and honest with every client and candidate, placing our full attention on every project we commit to. We ensure continued presence and availability through frequent communication and always being present.


We are devoted to finding that exceptional talent no matter how difficult or challenging the project might be. With our commitment to you, we will never give up and will always find a way forward. 


We recognize that our clients trust us to recruit into roles which are ultimately responsible for caring for those who are vulnerable. We take extra care to ensure that our candidates will align with the values of your organization.


Our goal is to add value to your organization through successful candidate placements, enabling you to achieve your goals. We add value to the candidates by supporting meaningful and fulfilling careers. 


Hire and Retain “Hard-to-Find” Candidates

We combine industry knowledge with relationship building, and detailed analysis to establish the best candidates for your organization.

Executive Search

Our executive search service is tailored to help you find the best talent for senior and executive leadership positions. We understand that exceptional leaders go beyond qualifications, and that's why our approach is based on building strong relationships with each candidate. We take the time to get to know their character, skills, attributes, and career paths to ensure that they are the perfect match for your organization. Our practical approach also ensures that your future leaders stay with your organization for the long run, helping to secure your success for years to come.

Temporary Staffing

At Dilys Consulting, we extend our commitment to top-tier talent acquisition to include Temporary Staffing solutions. We recognize that even short-term roles, especially in senior living facilities, require more than just temporary fill-ins. They require specialized skill sets, deep commitment, and a compatibility with your organization's culture and ethos.


Like our other services, our approach is relationship-centric. We invest the time to understand each candidate's skills, character, and potential, ensuring they not only meet your immediate needs but also fit seamlessly into your organization's larger vision.


Our Temporary Staffing solutions are engineered to maintain operational continuity in your facilities, all while upholding the high standards that have become synonymous with your brand. Trust Dilys Consulting for agile, dedicated staffing solutions that address your short-term needs while aligning with your long-term goals.

Business Planning

Direct care, front line staff are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Organizations often prioritize filling a position over finding the right candidate. With Dilys, you can achieve both. Our priority lies in finding compassionate and committed staff, with appropriate skills and experience who want to be part of your team

Frontline Recruitment

Urgent recruitment for all front-line positions to quickly build up your workforce and maintain safe staffing levels.

Routine hires to keep up with your organization’s turnover rate.

New hires for program expansions and new operations.

We offer

 A free placement guarantee of up to 24 months. 


 Strong track record and credibility in recruiting top talent within the senior living and continuing care industry.


 A proven process that works and delivers excellent results


We constantly work to improve services by staying in touch with industry trends and our customer’s expectations.


We strive to build strong long-term partnerships with our customers.

What Our Clients Say
“It is a pleasure to work with Tobi of Dilys Consulting and to provide a testimonial.  Not only did he produce results for us, but we find him easy to work with, understanding and flexible.  We appreciate his superior service and deep insight into staffing for seniors’ housing.  His experience and expertise are a great combination, making Dilys Consulting a sound choice for supporting your recruitment needs.”

Kyle- CEO of Better Group

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